We’re changing how Academy21 looks

What to expect from the new-look Academy21

Academy21 rebrand
Our new look 

We’ve modernised our logo and updated how we look but we haven’t changed our commitment to high-quality online education or the services we provide.

You do not need to do anything. Our refresh will not change anything about our provision, the way we support your students, or the way we work in partnership with you.

Why are we changing?

We recognise that the quality, empathy and enthusiasm of our teachers and staff is one of our greatest strengths. We always maintain a positive and ambitious outlook for the students we support and believe this is reflected in our fresh new identity.


Making a difference, together

Working together with schools, local authorities and others we can make a profound difference to the lives of our students, both now and as they make their way into adulthood. We’re here to support them, and to work with others to provide the best possible path through their education and towards the lives ahead of them. Our logo change reflects our commitment to excellence and to positive changes for the future.


Over the next few months, you’ll start to see our new look online, across social media and in emails or documents we send you. However, we will be using up our existing stock of any of our printed materials such as our prospectus as we wish to act in an environmentally responsible way. This means, you may see both of our identities together until this process complete. We expect to have fully updated in time for the next academic year.