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Courses for Year 10 and 11

Key Stage 4 learners are supported to build their confidence, achieve personal goals and attain the skills, knowledge and understanding to underpin exam success and progress to further education and employment. We recognise that even small numbers of students in receipt of alternative provision, can have a detrimental impact on school Progress 8 measures. In response, our curriculum focuses upon core subjects and is supplemented by ICT, Humanities and Citizenship courses. It is further balanced by access to functional skills courses in Maths, English and ICT at levels 1 and 2. We also provide a number of specialist courses, so please follow the link below to find out more. Post 16 learners who have missed their KS4 studies or require to resit their GCSE’s are also welcomed to our classes.

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English Language

The course is designed to meet the requirements of AQA 8700 course and covers the essential skills. It is designed to enable students to experience demanding and fulfilling content, giving them the confidence that the literacy skills, knowledge and understanding they acquire during the course will be of the highest standard.

A graphic showing a stack of colourful books which might be used for an English Literature class.
English Literature

Academy21 delivers the AQA 8702 specification for English Literature. It is designed to enable students to evidence achievements against demanding and fulfilling content. This gives students confidence that the literacy skills, knowledge and understanding they will have acquired during the course are of the highest standards; enriching their cultural awareness through the study of literary heritage texts.

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The Academy21 Maths GCSE course is designed to enable students to engage with, explore, enjoy and succeed in maths. The course ensures that students are equipped with the right skills for their future. The course has been designed and written so that it is suitable for students sitting either the AQA 8300 or Edexcel 1MA1 specifications.

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Combined Science (Dual Award)

Academy21 has been delivering the triple and dual award reformed AQA (Trilogy) GCSE specifications since September 2017. A variety of pathways will be available to cater for individual student needs. Required practicals for all the GCSE courses are embedded throughout the courses and will be delivered via video and interactive simulation software, ensuring all students can access the associated learning and are properly prepared for the practical aspects of the examinations.

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The course follows the AQA GCSE History specification (8145). It enables students to study different aspects of the past so they can consider key issues, understand what drives change and how the past influences the present. They develop the skills of historians through the study of a range of historical evidence. Students will debate and learn how to present and support their views.

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Citizenship Studies

The course follows the AQA GCSE Citizenship Studies specification (8100). It enables students to gain a deeper knowledge of democracy, government and law, and develop skills to create sustained and reasoned arguments, present various viewpoints and plan practical citizenship actions to benefit society. Students will also gain the ability to recognise bias, critically evaluate argument, weigh evidence and look for alternative interpretations and sources of evidence, all of which are essential skills valued by higher education and employers. Students of GCSE Citizenship studies learn the value of becoming thoughtful, active citizens.

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Everyday Science (Entry Level Science)

The course prepares students for the WJEC qualification in the first year by studying elements of the topics below at Entry Level. Year 11 students following the first year of the course would be expected to be entered for the Entry Level qualification. Year 10 students following the first year of the course would have the option of taking the Entry Level qualification at the discretion of their centre and would then be expected to follow the second year of the course to prepare them for examinations in Combined Science at the end of Year 11.

*(WJEC 6430) or Grade 1-2 GCSE (AQA 8464)

Functional Skills

Non-accredited Curriculum

Sample Key Stage 4 Timetable

Our KS4 classes are provided over a 38-week academic calendar. With lessons available Monday to Thursday every week of term time. On Friday learners can attend an optional tutorial session to receive additional support if needed and all timetabled lessons are available in a recorded format on a 24/7 basis, in case of absence. Multiple groups run each day to enable us to find the best fit timetable to meet individual needs.

Experienced Key Stage 4 Teachers

We provide quality education delivered by qualified and experienced teachers. Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 15 pupils in any class, so that each child receives personalised attention and supervision in their learning. Learners receive one lesson a day in each subject from Monday to Thursday (apart from PSHE) and can attend a tutorial session every Friday for additional 1:1 support.

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Resources and Support

We work closely with designated school and local authority support staff to provide support and intervention when learners may be falling behind or if they do not engage with our provision.

Each young person referred to us receives a personalised timetable to best fit in with their individual needs. We provide engaging activities and homework that reinforce learning objectives, 24/7 access to our lesson library for catch up and weekly tutorial sessions for additional support. We also offer access to a range of additional education resources to help embed learning and aide progression.

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Fast & Flexible Provision

Access to our provision is usually delivered within a few hours of referral and we will provide a baseline assessment if no existing data is available.

We will place learners into appropriate groups for their current ability level from the outset and movement to lower and higher ability groups is entirely flexible and incurs no additional charge.

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Specialist Courses

Since 2011, our experience has told us that in addition to the core services we provide, our clients also require some specialised courses and services. Over time, we have developed and delivered these with considerable success and you can find further information on them below.

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