The OEAS accreditation

A mark of quality and high standards

OEAS is a quality mark that assures schools, local authorities, families and students that the accredited provision meets the highest standards of teaching, safeguarding, and overall student welfare.

The OEAS inspection is a robust process examining all aspects of effective provision through interviews, lesson observation, record-keeping reviews, focus groups, scrutiny exercises and evidence reviews.

There are 92 standards that are assessed across 8 categories, these cover everything from student safeguarding to the quality of teaching and curriculum as well as school leadership.

Education you can trust

Committed to delivering the highest standard of education

At Academy21, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of education to all students, providing them with unmatched support and guidance throughout their learning journeys.

We were pleased to put our practice through this scrutiny, to gain the validation from expert educationalists on the inspection team that our provision represents the highest standard of support for your people – safe, high quality and effective.

In achieving accreditation, we have an important validation of our provision of our fully live and adaptive teaching, which helps to develop relationships and build students’ confidence toward recognised outcomes.

We are pleased our customers can now make a clear choice – to choose an accredited provider that makes a demonstrable impact on young people’s educational journeys.

“Leaders have established a culture of high ambition and high expectations. There is a driven focus to provide the best online provision possible for the pupils they serve.”

OEAS report