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What is early intervention?

If your students are struggling to maintain attendance in classes or exhibiting disruptive behaviour at school, early intervention can help them reengage with their education before any problem escalates.

Early intervention or respite works by offering students a new environment where they can continue to access high-quality education but benefit from a ‘break’ from traditional class settings.

When you spot the early signs of students struggling, consider whether a break from the classroom might be suitable to help them ‘reset’.


How Academy21 can help

Online alternative provision is a particularly effective tool for early intervention. With Academy21, students get the support they need to maintain a consistent schedule, develop positive learning habits, and stay engaged.

We offer short-term access to our learning platform, so students can attend lessons via the Academy21 portal, supervised by a support worker or a member of non-teaching staff. This process can break the cycle of poor behaviour, reduce the risk of exclusion and long-term avoidance, and help students re-engage with their learning.

We offer a broad curriculum for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, along with support courses for wellbeing and study skills. Respite can be offered at all Key Stages, but our Partnership Managers have found it to be especially successful for year 11 students prior to the GCSE exam season.


The flexibility your students need

Our accessibility makes it easy for schools to adopt a staged approach to intervention and reintegration. For example, you may choose to have your students attend online classes from home initially. As they progress, students can then transition to taking some Academy21 classes at school, perhaps a few half days per week.

You can gradually increase the time spent accessing Academy21 classes at school or discuss the possibility of joining back in to some mainstream classes while still attending other lessons online. This gradual reintegration into full-time mainstream classes helps keep pupils re-engaged in the long term.

“Academy21 has been a lifesaver for our learners. When we have visited learners in their homes, we’ve seen how grateful they are for the support and the opportunities that have been opened up for them.”

Tom Greenwood

Assistant Headteacher at Greenwood School in Southampton


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