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Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Courses

We teach a range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. All classes are taught in the morning and each subject follows the structure and content of the English National Curriculum. Regular teacher assessment ensures close monitoring of progress. Parents, carers and school or authority staff have access to resources, lesson recordings and all available progress data. Learners and parents can revisit the lessons at any time.

Illustration of an open book with a pencil drawing lines inside it.

The KS2 English course introduces learners to a rich variety of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, and aims to inspire a love of reading and writing. It develops the habit of reading both for pleasure and for information, answering questions about what they have read, and developing vocabulary. Each unit of work includes a grammar focus, helping students to identify and apply key grammatical concepts in their own writing. Learners are also encouraged to write creatively, building on ideas from the stories read in class and using their own imaginations. Lessons are enhanced by class discussion, role-play, speaking and listening activities.

An illustration of a colourful calculator with numbers on the screen.

In Maths the course focuses on the building blocks of Mathematics. Learners gain a deeper understanding of place value, including decimal numbers and larger integers. There are opportunities to develop fluency of written methods in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They begin to identify patterns and improve the flexibility of their mental arithmetic, applying what they know to problem-solving. They are introduced to algebra, as well as more complex aspects of geometry, in preparation for their transition to secondary school.

A graphic of a blue microscope, used for science, on a grey background.

Our KS2 Science course develops understanding of the world around our learners and aims to pique their natural curiosity. They are introduced to the domains of Biology, Chemistry and Physics through interactive topics such as ‘The Human Body,’ ‘Our Universe,’ and ‘Changing States.’ They begin to develop enquiry skills, watching experiments taking place live in class and planning investigations they can carry out in their own homes.

A cartoon of a medieval knight's helmet with colourful red and yellow feathers on the top.

The study of Humanities at KS2 encourages our learners to ask questions about the world, both in the present day and in the past. Exciting projects each term focus on key periods in History, different countries and cultures. There are many opportunities to apply their literacy and numeracy skills, researching and presenting new information. Learners also become familiar with Geographical terms and begin to notice physical and human features of their surroundings.


Learners enjoy interactive and engaging lessons, suitable for complete beginners to the language or for those with existing knowledge. Activities focus on fluency of spoken French, with lively conversations in each lesson. They will expand their French vocabulary, and develop their understanding of French verbs and grammar, enabling them to begin reading and writing short passages. Learners are also introduced to aspects of French culture.

This graphic shows an illustration of film, with a play symbol on top, behind a small orange clapperboard.
Creative Media

Creative Media is a project-based learning course influenced by the creative industries. Students develop their creative imagination, and communication skills, as well as their understanding and enjoyment of the arts and media. They will progress to easily navigate the skills and knowledge necessary to think critically, to plan and manage their project, to research, to analyse, to evaluate, and reflect on a range of creative outcomes. Students are supported to develop skills that can encourage wellbeing, and this supports our students to fulfil their goals and develop their autonomy in the wider world.

Sample Key Stage 2 Timetable

Our KS2 classes run over a 35-week academic year with lessons running Monday to Friday through the morning. All timetabled lessons are available in a recorded format on a 24/7 basis, in case of absence.

Experienced Key Stage 2 Teachers

We provide quality education delivered by qualified and experienced teachers. Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 15 pupils in any class, so that each child receives personalised attention and supervision in their learning. Lessons are every weekday morning of term time. Appropriate homework is given regularly which forms an integral part of the child’s learning.

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Support for Learners Every Step of the Way

We work directly with designated ‘learning mentors’ appointed by schools and local authorities to ensure learners receive the best support possible to promote engagement and plan interventions if or when they may be needed.

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