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About Our Roles

Academy21 is a provider of live, interactive online teaching and learning in the UK. Our overall structure and approach to learning models that of a mainstream setting with the direct intention of, where feasible, supporting young people to return to their school or college to complete their studies.

Our education teams work from home which mirrors the experience of many learners attending our provision. We also have sales, marketing, admin and customer service teams that work remotely too.

Academy21 is proud to be an Inspired Online School.

Inspired Online Schools are part of Inspired Education, an international group of leading, premium schools. With over 80,000 students in over 111 schools across 24 countries.  Inspired Education utilises best educational practices from every corner of the globe to ensure each student receives a first-class learning experience, from Kindergarten to Year 13. This strong foundation and extensive network is part of what makes Academy21 unwavering in our growth and resilience, empowering us to deliver the very best for years to come.

Due to our continued growth, we often look for new, inspiring staff across our business functions.  You can search our current vacancies on the Inspired Edcuation Careers Portal at the link below.

"The best thing about Academy21 is we offer such a flexible approach for so many vulnerable learners... we really do offer a tailored solution to a lot of different children."

Clare Brokenshire

Head of Education

"I love teaching maths at Academy21 and reigniting the love of mathematics within students, which has been lost over the years."

Fiona Wilson

Head of Maths

"I love my subject; I have an absolutely amazing team of English Teachers. I love working with lots of different students, particularly ones who have struggled with learning and found themselves out of school for different reasons, just giving them confidence, raising their self-esteem and helping them to make the best of their time at Academy21."

Laura Higgins

Head of English

"At Academy21 you get to help students all across the country get the GCSEs they deserve"

Afiya Romain-Baines

Deputy Head of Science