Academy21: Covid-19 & Year 11 Assessments

I wrote to you last week to highlight that our provision will continue on uninterrupted. I also at that time mentioned that we would communicate further this week with our response and approach for your year 11 pupils currently enrolled with us and in light of the cancellation of all examinations this Summer.

Following the announcement on government plans with regard to Year 11 final exams, Academy 21 stand ready to support schools and clients with estimated grades based on pupil performance while attending A21. To ensure fairness, this data will be based on past performance and a range of assessment tasks to be carried out between 23rd March and the 22nd May 2020.

Estimated grades, based on the above, will be supplied to clients in the necessary time frames to meet exam board requirements, while taking into account the time needed by centres to compare our data with their own existing data. Should exam boards issue further guidance about estimated grades, we will of course adhere to it.

Clients needing estimated grades in advance of our June release can contact us at before the upcoming Easter holidays to discuss requirements. These enquiries will be dealt with between 20th April and the end of May.

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Academy21: Business Continuity during Covid-19 Pandemic

Please find below a letter we have sent to all lead mentors.

It is important to note that our service continues on with no interruptions. At this point in time we await further detail from the DfE with regard to the process for examinations/awarding grades for those young people who were due to sit examinations this Summer. We understand that the DfE will be elaborating further in the coming days and as soon as we have had that information we’ll ensure it is communicated and that all understand what that process will be. It is important to remain calm and to ensure that education continues for the vulnerable young people we are supporting and that we minimise disruption in what is clearly going to be a difficult Spring and Summer term for them.

Our focus right now is on the young people you have placed with us. In terms of communications with students in class, we are extremely conscious that their levels of anxiety may increase. So, our teachers are reassuring them that we will continue to teach them and that schools and exam boards will be deciding what action to take over the coming weeks and everything will be done to ensure they are not unfairly treated. At this stage the best thing they can do is to continue their courses as planned so that they are in the strongest position possible, whatever transpires. In light of that we will continue with English spoken language exams as planned.

No doubt there will be more to follow and of course we will be communicating regularly with our clients as events unfold. That will enable us to co-ordinate pupil communications with you to ensure anxiety levels are considered throughout and that any confusion is kept to an absolute minimum.

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How Our Online Provision Works

Flexibility and quality of provision are fundamental to schools and local authorities when they consider alternative providers.

Pupils enrolled with Academy21 can learn from any suitable location where there is a broadband connection and computer. This is usually from a home, school, PRU, AP setting or other learning centre. Learners remain on roll locally with all attendance and progress data provided 24/7 to the designated school or local authority officer via our online reporting systems.

Our experienced, subject specialist teachers deliver lessons via our online classroom to groups of up to 15 learners who will be logging in from all over the country. The classroom is easy to navigate and use and provides the opportunity for each pupil to manage their level of interaction with their teacher, peers, lesson activities and content.

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Leaders in
Online Education

Academy21 is part of the Wey Education group - the UK’s leading provider of live, interactive online teaching and learning. We are experienced at working with schools and local authorities to deliver quality alternative provision. This is delivered by fully qualified and experienced teaching staff who lead learners in the real-time lessons.

About the School

"We have developed our provision to meet the needs of the local authorities and schools we support – responding directly to the challenges they face to secure high-quality, cost-effective alternative education provision."

Academy21 is founded on an ethos which aims to provide every young person referred to us with the opportunity to achieve and progress. We do this by providing every learner with a balance of educational engagement and academic challenge and through our focus on excellence in our teaching and learning practice. In my capacity as Chair of our Academic Advisory Board, I am responsible for the ongoing governance and development of that teaching and learning practice and for ensuring our educational standards and operating methods are appropriate, challenging and reflect good practice with a continuous focus on delivering quality outcomes for students and teachers alike.

Dame Erica Pienaar
Chair, Academic Advisory Board

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A Broad and Balanced Curriculum for Years 5 to 13

Key Stage 2

Our Key Stage 2 curriculum is suitable for Year 5 and 6 primary-age learners only. It combines the rigour of academic learning with the flexibility to meet the needs of individual learners. This enables them to develop the required knowledge and skills through guided discovery that will support their transition into secondary education.

Key Stage 3

We provide a two-year Key Stage 3 curriculum through our Skills Builder Courses for pupils aged between 11 and 14 in Years 7, 8 and 9. These courses are specifically designed to provide the required learning, skills and knowledge to deliver the foundation for progression towards GCSE courses.

Key Stage 4

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum provides access to GCSE and Functional Skills outcomes for Year 10 and 11 learners. We also welcome post-16 students who may have missed their KS4 studies or who may need to resit core subjects. We aim to support our learners to help develop their confidence and attain the required learning, skills and knowledge to underpin exam success and progress to further education or employment.

Key Stage 5

We provide a broad range of AS and A level subjects for study combining independent learning with close monitoring of student progress to support the best possible outcomes. Learning is delivered through seminar style presentation in small groups and workshops, mirroring teaching and learning practice in colleges and sixth forms.

Pupils We Support

Academy21 works with over 1,000 pupils each year supporting a diverse range of need. Below are just some of the reasons why schools, local authorities and parents and carers of young people with an EHCP, refer pupils to Academy21.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

Our provision is not limited by locality and we provide a national service to all pupils in need of alternative education provision across England and Wales.

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Pupils supported each year

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Schools supported each year

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Local authority areas supported each year

Flexibility and Best Value

With increasing demands on pressurised budgets, schools and local authorities face difficult decisions in the coming years to balance capacity, quality, progression and outcomes with the costs of mainstream and alternative education provision.

Academy21 offers practical solutions to these challenges. These include our short stay/day 6 provision, Year 11 rescue GCSE courses and a range of flexible, cost-effective purchasing methods, that do not require minimum or block commissioning commitments. Learn more about our online alternative provision by clicking the button below.

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“Academy 21 has been an important resource for the young people we provide for...

Academy 21 has been an important resource for the young people we provide for. It has allowed them to access learning when they have been unable to attend at their mainstream school. For many of the students we cater for, it has allowed them to remain focused on their education, being supported by qualified and capable staff. We always find Academy21 to be well organised and prompt with requests. We would recommend them for those young people who are in need of such a service.”

Jayne Horrocks
Head of Medical Tuition Service, Torbay Council

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