Academy21: Year 11
Rescue GCSE 2021/22

Academy21, the largest online alternative provision service in the UK, is pleased to announce it is once more running its Year 11 ‘Rescue GCSE’ programme, beginning in January 2022. Academy 21 is an online service that helps schools and local authorities meet the challenge of delivering quality, cost effective academically focused alternative provision for pupils with complex needs. Pupils remain on school roll and our courses can be attended from home, school or learning centre.

It’s not too late! Here is the opportunity for a range of learners to obtain good core subject outcomes.

Since 2011 Academy21’s Rescue GCSE programme has helped many year 11 pupils realise core subject GCSE qualifications. Courses run up until the date of the final subject exam. They offer an opportunity for learners at risk of missing out on core subject GCSE grades who may be:

  • Emotionally Based School Avoiders (EBSA)
  • Disengaged from mainstream classes
  • Causing disruption and/or be at risk of exclusion
  • A high absentee from much of their KS4 study
  • Medically vulnerable

How our Rescue courses work

Our Rescue GCSE courses run over 19 to 21 weeks, provide topic picked content supported by exam board specific preparation delivering the opportunity for disengaged learners to leave their secondary schooling with recognised core GCSE outcomes. Alternatively, where our Rescue GCSE course is not suitable for a young person’s learning needs they may wish to study one of our Functional Skills courses offered at level 1 (maths) or levels 1 and 2 (English and ICT). We also offer an Entry Level Science course.

Getting started is straightforward and there is no minimum or maximum purchase level. Just fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch to explore whether our provision might be suitable to meet your needs. We will consult with you to ensure we can support your pupil(s) and to establish a best fit timetable for them and you.

From there, if you still wish to proceed then we will confirm your place(s) with us before our Rescue classes are full and ask you to complete our enrolment form. Your dedicated Academy21 customer administrator will support you through the process.

Updated Pricing from 4th January 2022

GCSE Mathematics – Year 11 – Course ends: 10/06/2022 – Exam codes: AQA8300, Edexcel 1MA1 – Target Grades: 1-4 – Course Length: 19 weeks = £969 + vat

GCSE English Language – Year 11 – Course ends: 10/06/2022 – Exam codes: AQA8700, Edexcel 1EN0 – Target Grades: 1-4 – Course Length: 19 weeks = £969 + vat

GCSE Combined Science – Year 11 – Course ends: 24/06/2021 – Exam codes: AQA8464 – Target Grades: 1-4 – Course Length: 21 weeks = £1,071 + vat


The last enrolment date for our Rescue courses is 29 January.  Please register now to avoid disappointment.  

To enquire fill in the form below: