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As the UK's leading provider of Online Alternative Provision, we are pleased to announce that enrolments are now open for our ever-popular GCSE catch-up courses for Year 11s

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How our GCSE Rescue courses work:

Academy21's unique blend of live, interactive classes, supporting tasks, exam preparation and A1 enhanced pathways helps students who have missed large portions of their KS4 provision to catch-up. Courses are structured so students can join at any time, without missing out on entire topic areas.

Rescue GCSE courses run up to the Maths, English and Science exams in June 2024. They are designed to prepare students for their exam entry in a short space of time, and are an opportunity for disengaged learners to leave their secondary schooling with recognised core subject outcomes.

For the best chance of strong outcomes, we recommend students take the full 25 or 26 week course. However, our unique course design means students who join later can still see significant benefits.

These courses are ideal for students who may be:

  • Emotionally Based School Avoiders (EBSA)
  • Disengaged from mainstream classes
  • Causing disruption and/or be at risk of exclusion
  • A high absentee from much of their KS4 study
  • Medically vulnerable

Courses are charged per subject for either 25 or 26 weeks, and start at less than £15 per lesson. Pro-rata fees can be applied for late joiners.

Each course includes:

  • 4 x 40 minute live lessons, 1 per day, Monday to Thursday
  • A 40 minute live consolidation lesson on Fridays (NEW)
  • A live induction session for each student to give the best possible start (NEW)
  • Revision sessions and the opportunity to go over past papers
  • Regular assessments and mocks included in all courses
  • Extensive practice of exam questions
  • Activities tailored to students' needs with real time feedback to extend beyond their current level (NEW)
  • Small groups of students working at a similar ability
  • Independent work set after every live lesson to reinforce understanding, with marks and feedback provided
  • One-to-one sessions with each subject teacher offering additional, personalised support
  • Half term and full term reports showing current and target grades, with predicted grades, and teacher comments on full term report
  • Attendance monitoring and participation scores for every lesson
  • Weekly Active Time sessions to support health and wellbeing (NEW)

Getting started

Classes start on 6th November and getting started is simple. There is no minimum or maximum purchase level, just fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.

We will consult with you to ensure we can support your pupil(s) and establish a best fit timetable for them and you.  The next step will be to complete the enrolment form. Your dedicated client administrator will be available to support you throughout.

Subjects available:

GCSE Mathematics – AQA8300, Edexcel 1MA1, WJEC Mathematics and Numeracy* | Target grades 1-4
GCSE English Language – AQA8700, WJEC 3700* | Target grades 1-4
GCSE Combined Science – AQA8464 | Target grades 1-4

Each course includes 5 x 40 minute lessons per week and starts from under £15 per lesson for 25 weeks (26 weeks for Science).
We can also support learners with catch up in other GCSE subjects, please ask us for more information.

* WJEC classes are available subject to minimum numbers, your regional Partnership Manager can provide more details.

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Interested? Get in Touch!
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When you submit our contact form, one of our team will get in touch with you to answer your questions and guide you through the set up process. Getting set up with one of our GCSE Rescue packages couldn’t be simpler!