New Tutorial Booking System

Book and amend one-to-one tutorials for your students

We are pleased to announce that our new and improved tutorial booking system, will be available to mentors from 15th November 2022.

The new system will allow you to book, reschedule and cancel one-to-one tutorials for your students. You will be able to view details of your students’ one-to-one sessions within the portal and view notes from their tutors. We believe this added functionality will significantly improve your tutorial booking experience.

Tutorials can now be booked for any time during the school week, subject to teacher and student availability.

How does it work? 

Tutorials are booked from within your Mentor Portal. Before you start booking a tutorial, your student(s) must be enrolled on a course.

To book a tutorial session, you must know when a student has free time (tutorials cannot be booked during lesson times), the subject, teacher’s name and group code, e.g. En303 or Ma401.

Once booked you will receive a confirmation email. Please forward this email to your student.

Tutorials can be booked from two days in advance, up to a week. Tutorial bookings will show in the mentor portal and the student’s timetable the day after the booking has been made.

The booking can be viewed in the mentor portal. You can also rearrange or cancel the booking from inside the mentor portal.

Once the tutorial has taken place, the mentor portal will update to indicate whether your student has attended or not, and will show the teacher’s notes.

To learn more about this new process contact your partnership manager for further information.