Here is where you can find the details of our upcoming events and conferences. We are leaders in online alternative provision and are always keen to hear from the academics and professionals of the academic industry.
Attending an Academy21 conference will give you the latest insights into the world of online academic provision and also the chance to have your voice heard. By working together with teachers and local authorities, we strive to provide young learners with provision which is valuable to them and cost-effective for schools to implement.

Currently we don’t have any events scheduled.

If would like to find out more about the latest education industry insights, you can take a look at our podcasts page, where we discuss the developments in education and how this might impact teachers and pupils. If you think online alternative provision could be the answer for your local authority or school, click here to learn more.


Alternative Academic Provision Delivered Online

Academy21 are the UK’s leading provider of online, academic provision. We support thousands of pupils across the UK with live, online lessons when they are unable to attend school. We provide provision for learners from key stage 2 up to key stage 5, with subject specialist teachers and homework activities for every lesson.

Getting set up with Academy21 is simple:

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