“Academy21 delivers an absolutely brilliant service overall.”

“Academy21 delivers an absolutely brilliant service overall. The quality of teaching is of the highest standard and my students have all received the individual support they have required.”

Learning Mentor, London Borough of Ealing

"Academy 21 has been an important resource for the young people we provide for..."

"Academy 21 has been an important resource for the young people we provide for. It has allowed them to access learning when they have been unable to attend at their mainstream school. For many of the students we cater for, it has allowed them to remain focused on their education, being supported by qualified and capable staff. We always find Academy21 to be well organised and prompt with requests. We would recommend them for those young people who are in need of such a service.”

Jayne Horrocks

Head of Medical Tuition Service, Torbay Council

"Now in my 4th year of using Academy 21, I remain very impressed by the education and service they offer."

"Academy21 has provided so many of our learners with high quality, engaging lessons; they have become an important part of the personalised programming we do for our children who require different routes to success. Now in my 4th year of using Academy 21, I remain very impressed by the education and service they offer."

Angela Ransbury

CEO, Raedwald Trust

"Academy 21 have been supportive and understanding..."

"Academy 21 have been supportive and understanding. They listen to suggestions from us as a school and understand that we have an understanding of our student. They have accepted that for this student completing the additional tasks can be challenging and so have worked with us to find ways to ensure that there is a balance. This has been a successful program and one that I hope will result in a student gaining 4 GCSE’s."

Claire Fagan

Inchscape House Special School, Cheshire

"A big thank you..."

"A big thank you to all of your staff for the wonderful support they provide for our students."

Julia Holder,

Head of Apollo, Haybrook College, Slough

“I would like to say a big thank you to all the teachers at Academy21...

It's been an incredible and certainly a very memorable two years for me being part of such an amazing school filled with the most loveliest people! Thank you so much for this truly sensational time..I'll never forget any of you!”



"Excellent lessons and made such an amazing difference in my daughter"

I just wanted to thank all Academy21 staff for the excellent lessons you have given my daughter since March this year. It has made an amazing difference to Katy by helping her study again and be able to realise her potential.”



"Thanks for the great service"

Thanks for the great service. I have just been discussing with the Headteacher how you know your market and respond so quickly

The Thomas Cowley High School

Deputy Headteacher

“Academy21 has really changed my life.”

Finn has Asperger's Syndrome and is a dedicated student who could not cope with all the noise and hustle and bustle of school life. His story explains how Academy21 has provided an environment in which he can learn.



My journey back to John Hampden Grammar School, Harrison

Harrison was diagnosed with ME at 11 years of age. This is the story of his journey back to mainstream school and how Academy21 helped him on his journey. You can read Harri's full case study here.



The Academy in the Cloud, Katy

Katy is a bright, highly motivated student who suffers from debilitating headaches that prevent her from going to school. This story shows how Academy21 has helped Katy keep on track to gain the A grades she requires to fulfil her aspirations.



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Academy21 works directly with designated school and local authority staff to ensure learners receive the best support possible. Our online alternative provision is led by qualified, experienced teachers. Click on the link below to explore how we can help you and the learners in your care to achieve a range of recognised outcomes.

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