The benefits of online alternative provision

wellbeing support
There are currently an estimated 35,600 pupils accessing alternative provision, according to official statistics. 

Online alternative provision (AP) can be a critical solution to support pupils who cannot access mainstream education for various reasons. Whether students have special educational needs, physical conditions, or are dealing with mental health challenges, getting them the personalised guidance they need is crucial to ensure that they continue their learning journey with minimal disruption, all while working to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

In this guide, we take you through the latest online alternative provision adoption trends, and show you the myriad benefits of online AP for both schools and learners. Schools can leverage online AP to provide flexible and cost-effective tailored support to students, helping them reintegrate in mainstream education, while students benefit from a new, inclusive and welcoming environment with high-quality and specialised teaching.

Read this guide in full to dive deeper into the advantages of  online alternative provision for your school or organisation.

Read the guide in full