Thank a Teacher Day: Our students’ messages to our teachers

Thank a teacher day

Today marks Thank a Teacher Day, a special date to celebrate the dedication and hard work of all teachers and teaching staff across the UK.  

Teachers are a crucial part of any child’s development, tremendously impacting their understanding of the world, their place in society, and their own personal growth. 

Academy21 is lucky to have a team of outstanding teachers who are incredibly passionate not only about sharing knowledge and rekindling students’ interest in learning but supporting them to live healthier, balanced lives.  

Even though our teachers deserve to be celebrated every day, there’s no better date to share some heartwarming messages we gathered from current and previous Academy21 students on how teachers have impacted their academic and personal journeys.  

For our teacher Marnie Weeden, from our student Dina, Year 7: 

“Marnie Weeden is the sweetest [teacher] I’ve worked with and she’s so gentle with her words. She’s my favourite.” 

For our teachers Emma, Becky, and Marnie:  

“They are all kind, understanding and helpful. Emma Roones helps me if I get stuck on a quote or word, Becky Innes helps if there is a math problem I can’t get my head around, and Marnie Weeden is very helpful if I get stuck on a technical word.” 

student feedback thank a teacher day
For our teacher Claire White, from Izzy, Year 8: 

“She is really helpful and always explains stuff in an understanding way which has made me enjoy maths much more than before.” 

For our teacher Katey Edwards, from Tia, Year 9: 

“Happy Thank a Teacher Day! I just wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for all that you do for me and your students. Your dedication to teaching and mentoring is truly inspiring, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from you. 

Your passion for math is contagious, and you have a way of making even the most complex concepts seem accessible and fun. Your patience, guidance, and encouragement have helped me to grow both academically and personally, and I will always be grateful for that. 

Thank you for being an amazing teacher, I am so grateful to have had you in my life.” 

For our teacher Cara Salway, from our student Maddeline, Year 9: 

I originally joined academy 21 maybe over a month ago because of an unexplained injury at school, making me immobile for a while. For the first few weeks, I didn’t even know this amazing place even existed but I’m so so happy my school recommended I do this to make sure i keep on top of my studies. At school I’m not the biggest fan of my English lessons but you have shown me the real fun in it and joining your lessons makes me so happy because I feel I take away a new skill from it every Friday. 🤩 

I cannot thank you enough for making me see I have potential in this subject, although I might not be here for the forceable future I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my time here so far nothing but thrilling and exciting. I absolutely love this place because it has amazing teachers like you who deserve so much appreciation, thank you for being amazing!” 

thank a teacher student feedback
For our teacher Clara Pink, from our student Lucy, Year 10:  

“I just want to say thank you for helping my confidence with English. I’ve been struggling with my writing for a long while, but you made me realize that it’s okay to get things wrong and it doesn’t always matter what other people have written and if they are better than me. I just needed to say thank you for believing in me and thank you for all the help.” 

For our teacher Esther Temenu: 

“She’s always really nice and smiley, and always laughing. I really appreciate the way she always engages with, and asks questions to her students at the beginning of every class. 🙂 Thank you!!!” 

For our teacher Patricia O’Boyle, from our student Rebecca, Year 10:  

“[Patricia is] really nice and says hello to all students. She makes everybody feel included in the lesson.” 

For our teacher Laura Huggins, from Annie, Year 11: 

“Thank you for being a great English teacher! I enjoyed all the lessons, and I was always sad when you weren’t there because I liked the way you explained things, which made it easy to understand. I found it helpful how we did many practice questions which made me feel more prepared and confident for the exam and thank you for always being friendly and making me laugh. Also, I remembered to put paragraphs!” 

For our teacher Ciara Kelly: 

“Thank you for making English interesting and enjoyable, English has never been a subject I have found easy and has always been challenging but because of how you teach I am starting to enjoy it. You’re really kind and encouraging and give helpful feedback. I really hope I have you next year for my GCSEs.” 

thank a teacher day student feedback
For our teacher Vicky Shipman: 

“She is very lovely, and she is so kind and she will give you all the help you need. And she is very good at welcoming new people in.” 

For our teacher Luigi Coppola, from Millie, Year 11: 

“Mr Coppola specifically never gave me any anxiety during his lesson. He always put us at ease by letting us know (and I quote) ‘Academy 21 is all about effort folks, just put your answers in; it does not matter whether they are right or wrong.’ All of them have been such fabulous teachers in my first year with Academy 21. I am so grateful for them allowing me to still learn despite not being able to attend school in person. They really are all fantastic people and teachers.” 

We received numerous messages, so not all of these are shown in this post. However, the Academy21 team would like to extend a huge thank you to all teachers and teaching staff for their passion and dedication in supporting our students. It wouldn’t be possible to deliver the highest standards of education to students across the UK without you.  

If you’re a school or local organisation and would like to know more about Academy21, our team, or how we teach, reach out to our team