Teacher Assessed Grades

Expectations vs. Reality

Time, as many have said, is the great equaliser. No one, no matter title, position or situation, can have more of it. And this precious resource has become even more in demand by many of our colleagues in schools now that their doors have reopened and they are challenged with producing assessed grades for their pupils. Some of these young learners are self-isolating or are refusing to return to school for a variety of reasons.

And they are not alone. Over the past year, 862 million children were out of school due to Covid-19. Out of the 4.73 million children at school in the UK, a very small number were able to continue studying. For students enrolled in Academy21, and the mentors and schools that support them, there was no disruption to teaching and learning due to the fully synchronous online provision.

The reality is that many schools are struggling with assessments and the time they need for Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) especially for Year 11 pupils. In addition, there are complex challenges with pupils who may not be able, for one reason or another, to return to physical school and the classroom.

We understand that receiving high quality education is especially significant for pupils in higher year groups at school. Time may be passing but Academy21 remains committed to providing a high-quality service to those requiring additional exam and revision support as well as support for vulnerable learners.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential we show schools and their learners just how much value and personalisation we bring to their provision. In the words of one of our clients:

providing an excellent service in an increasingly diverse and challenging educational landscape.”