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By partnering with Academy 21, your PRU can offer a full support package to local schools, tailored to support the academic needs of all pupils who are unable to attend mainstream school.

We can deliver targeted provision at peak periods of capacity.
Example of a staff member (not Greenwood School)

Raise confidence and boost the academic achievement of your pupils in the core subjects

With our PRU-specific programme, you can positively act to prevent vulnerable learners from slipping behind or out of the education system altogether.

This might include pupils:

  • At risk of exclusion or disengagement
  • Who have missed learning due to medical health issues
  • Whose emotional or mental health has impacted their learning capacity
  • With specific SEND needs

We can visit you at your location to provide a demonstration and discuss our tailored provision for your pupils.

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Why choose Academy 21 to support your PRU?

We work closely with you to tailor learning to meet each student’s individual academic and emotional needs.
Our online provision fits around students’ other commitments.
We offer flexible programmes allowing students to join and leave when it’s right for them.
Our supportive, experienced teachers develop a strong rapport with vulnerable learners, particularly those experiencing anxiety and other mental health problems.
Students gain confidence from the anonymity and familiarity of an online learning environment.
We ensure the safety and wellbeing of learners are a priority at all times.
We offer a broad and balanced academically-focused curriculum for all learners, focused on the core subjects, English and maths. Other subjects can be covered, such as science, computing and PSHE.
Targeted support for your PRU at peak periods of capacity or, to extend your capacity for longer periods.
Suitable for both interim provision while students await assessment and placement (from day 6), or for longer term placements.

Academy 21 work with PRUs to maximise the time spent supporting students.

You can be sure of high-quality, live, interactive, online teaching across multiple subjects and year groups.

Chat with us about the needs of your pupils and how we can best support them

Academy 21 have been successfully partnering Greenwood School, a secondary Alternative Provision Pupil Referral Unit based in the New Forest.

Tom Webb, ICT Teacher at Greenwood School, states that Academy21 has been successful in supporting students with a huge variety of pressing and challenging needs.

Read more about the ways in which Academy 21 have worked with Greenwood to significantly improve outcomes for their learners.

Read the case study

Let’s join forces to support the schools your PRU works with. Together, we can help students with a diverse range of needs to reach their academic potential.

Get in touch today to find out how Academy21 can work with your PRU and raise outcomes for your vulnerable learners.

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