Courses for Years 12 and 13

The following subjects are taught at AS and A level. You will find an outline of the major components for each subject and can find further specific curriculum detail on each exam board website. The majority of our A level students follow a two-year A level program of study, where AS modules are studied in Year 12 and A Level modules in Year 13. Many of our students sit the AS exam, but this varies according to the subject, which is largely controlled by the organisation of the syllabus. There are exceptions to this and we work with our students to accommodate their requirements.

Mathematics and Science

Our Key Stage 5 Mathematics and Science department deliver the following subjects at AS and A level covering the modules described below.


Physical Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Organic Chemistry & Analysis; Nitrogen Compounds.


Physical Quantities & Units; Measurement Techniques; Waves; Motion in a Circle; Gravitational Fields; Communication.


Biological Molecules; Cells; Viruses & Reproduction of Living Things; Biodiversity; Energy for Biological Processes; Genetics; Microbiology and Pathogens; Ecosystems


Pure Mathematics; Mechanics; Probability & Statistics

Further Mathematics

Intended for high ability learners only


Our KS5 Languages department deliver the following subjects at AS and A level covering the modules described below.

English Language

Language Analysis; Creative Writing for an Audience; Spoken Language; English as a Global Language; Child Language Acquisition

English Literature

8 texts are studied from novels and short stories; Drama, including Shakespeare & Poetry


Unseen Translation; Prose Composition & Comprehension; Papers on the Study of Two Prose and Two Verse Texts


Listening, Speaking & Writing; Examination of Set Texts/Films; There is also a speaking exam


Reading & Writing; Essay & Literature. There is also a speaking exam


Papers in Reading; Writing; Essay & Literature

Social Sciences and Humanities

Our KS5 Social Sciences and Humanities department deliver the following subjects at AS and A level covering the modules described below.


Business & Environment; People in Organisations; Marketing, Operations & Project Management; Finance & Accounting; Strategic Management

Classical Civilisation

Literature & Culture of Greece & Rome in the Classical Period


Basic Economic Ideas & Resource Allocation; Price, System & the Micro Economy; Government Micro Economic Intervention; the Macro Economy; Government Macro Intervention


The Physical Core; The Human Core


A Document & Interpretation Question from a European, American or International Context; Questions based on an Area of Study

Media Studies

Media Language; Media Representation; Media Industries; Media Audiences


Methodology, Approaches, Perspectives, Issues & Debates; Specialist Study in Psychology & Education, Psychology & Health or Psychology & Environment


Contemporary Social, Cultural & Political Issues; Education; Global Development; Media & Religion


Our new qualifications will help students to develop knowledge and understanding of the role politics plays in relation to current local, national, and global issues, as well as studying key thinkers and political ideas.

Sample KS5 Timetable

Our KS5 classes are provided on a 35-week academic calendar with lessons running from Monday to Friday each week of term time. All timetabled lessons are available in a recorded format on a 24/7 basis, in case of absence.

Experienced Key Stage 5 Teachers

Learning is delivered through seminar style presentation in groups and workshops mirroring teaching and learning practice in colleges and sixth forms. Each subject offered incorporates 3 hours of contact time throughout each week and homework is set regularly, forming an integral part of each student’s learning and progression. It is expected that students will read beyond the material studied in class with an approximate guide of 8 hours each week in each subject.

Resources and Support

Our online system provides access to assessments and progress monitoring. Our Key Stage 5 pastoral team monitor students and provide IAG on their programmes of study and career progression, including university applications.

In addition to academic study, A level students have access to a range of clubs and societies including a common room, and where it's appropriate, are encouraged to take part in social engagement including trips.

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