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How Can Academy21 Help?

Our provision can be quickly and easily implemented to ensure that school refusers do not miss significant periods of learning that prevent them from achieving and progressing. Whether this be for short, medium or longer periods of time.

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Access for Anywhere

Irrespective of why a young person may refuse to attend school, Academy21 can be implemented for them at the most suitable location to support their learning and re-engagement. All that’s needed is a broadband connection and computer.

Continuity of Provision

Our service can be implemented as a short term solution whilst underlying issues for school refusal are addressed or can support much longer periods where there is a complex need preventing attendance. No matter how long they are referred to us for, Academy21 learners have the opportunity to continue their studies and work towards their academic objectives and achieve expected outcomes.

Safe & Secure Environment

Learners are in control of how and when they communicate within the classroom, with their peers and teachers and we do not use web cams or ‘pressure’ learners to use their microphone in class. This provides a degree of control over their classroom environment that they cannot achieve in a mainstream setting.

Small Groups

Learning is delivered to a maximum group size of 15 and we have lessons across the day to ensure we place learners into the most appropriate groups to support their engagement and ongoing learning needs.

Flexible Learning

Academy21 consults with and advises our clients to agree the best fit timetable for each individual's needs. We continually monitor progress and can quickly adjust their timetable if required, with minimal disruption to learning and to the established structure of each learner’s day.

Additional Support

When young people are unable to attend a lesson for whatever reason we provide 24/7 access to our library lessons and activities to prevent any further gaps in learning. In addition they can drop in to class every Friday morning at a time that suits them to get additional one to oner and small group support if its needed.

Other Pupils We Support

Academy21 works with over 800 pupils each year supporting a diverse range of need. Below are just some of the reasons why schools, local education authorities and parents and carers of young people with an EHCP, refer pupils to Academy21.

Get in Touch!
Call 0800 208 8210 or email [email protected]

Please do contact us today to talk to our expert staff and discover whether Academy21 is appropriate for the young learners in your care. We will provide, clear and friendly advice and guidance with no expectations that you’ll proceed to a referral to us.