English, maths and science online short course for years 9 and 10.

With the staggered return of all pupils from March 8th 2021, schools across the country are facing a tough restart, with a myriad of challenges ahead. Yet more pressure is being put on both teachers and leadership teams. Recovering COVID-19 enforced gaps in core subject learning need not be one of those challenges.

During the latest lockdown period Academy21 has prepared a straightforward, simple to implement short course in English, maths and science for all year 9 and 10 pupils who may need extra support. This is supported by a ‘skills for learning’ module designed to help support healthy behaviours and strategies that will help young people to rebuild a solid foundation for their learning.

All courses can be delivered online after your school day by our subject specialist teachers in live classes. Each learner will be continually assessed throughout including a clear ‘working at’ assessment outcome following Foundation course completion.

Foundation 1: Year 9


The course comprises 12 lessons, chosen carefully by experienced teachers that will enable Year 9 students to boost their understanding and confidence with basic skills required at GCSE, as well as address specific gaps in learning. The lessons have a particular emphasis on:

  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percentages

But they also cover essential skill areas in algebra, statistics, and geometry & measures.


The English section of the course will prepare Year 9 students for the transition to GCSE English Language.  Students will be introduced to new topics which will be fully developed at GCSE level including:

  • Introduction to reading nineteenth-century texts
  • How to explore a text’s structure
  • How to compare similarities and differences between non-fiction texts

Furthermore, students will be given the opportunity to develop previously covered reading skills like writing an analysis of a text using textual references and detailed explanations of a text’s effect on the reader.  In our writing lessons, students will explore the features of imaginative and transactional writing, whilst also practising important writing skills such as: using sentence variety, choosing language to suit the text’s register, and understanding how to edit and proofread their own work.


For science, the course takes a topic-based approach, covering essential ideas from Key Stage 3 in four sections:

  • Life on our planet
  • Energy and electricity
  • Atoms and acids
  • The human body

Students will revisit fundamental cell biology, ecology, energetics, chemical reactions and some basic human organ systems which are often poorly understood and for which there is often little time for revision at Key Stage 4.

Our aim will be for students both to understand but also to rehearse key ideas and build firm footings in these areas so that they are able to face GCSE with greater confidence. We will use a range of interactive and formal assessment tasks to provide them with evidence of their learning and to give you a snapshot of their starting point for the new academic year.

Foundation 2: Year 10


For year 10 maths, students will take part in 12 lessons, chosen carefully by experienced teachers that will enable Year 10 students to boost their understanding and confidence with basic skills required at GCSE, as well as address specific gaps in learning. This course covers a range of topics from across the breadth of the curriculum including:

  • Fractions
  • Decimals & percentages
  • Area
  • Averages
  • Algebra skills


Students will consolidate and develop understanding of required GCSE English Language reading and writing skills.  These reading lessons will give students the skills they need to answer longer reading questions in Section A on both Paper 1 and Paper 2, covering areas such as:

  • Understanding the implied meaning of texts
  • How to analyse language and structure in texts
  • How to approach comparison questions and how to evaluate texts.

In our writing lessons, students will explore the use of higher-order writing skills including sentence variety, complex punctuation forms and selecting vocabulary for impact and effect.  Furthermore, using examination questions, students will respond to imaginative writing tasks and learn to adapt their writing to suit purpose, audience and form when answering transactional writing tasks.


The course covers aspects of all the Paper 1 topics in the AQA Trilogy course. Each topic will focus specifically on core concepts and knowledge which students find most challenging, hardest to recall or which are most critical to understanding Paper 2 content. Re-examination of these topics helps build a robust foundation for progression into Year 11.

We will be helping students to clarify their understanding and eliminate misconceptions before they become entrenched. Each group of lessons will contain elements of spaced repetition, quiz-style recall activities and the chance to practice exam-style questions, aiming both to build confidence for students and to provide some relevant and meaningful data on their current levels of attainment. This course covers a selection of the following topics:

  • Cell Biology
  • Organisation
  • Bonding
  • Reaction energetics
  • Electricity
  • Energy

Skills for Learning

Delivered over 12 sessions, this course aims to help young people develop strategies for exam preparation and future planning.

It is underpinned by core lessons focusing on healthy behaviours and strategies that enable young people to recognise when to seek appropriate (and timely) support, either for themselves or within their friendship group. The course focuses on fostering good communication, problem-solving and coping skills, resilience, self-care and helping young people identify and understand a range of emotions helping them to avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms.

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