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How Can Academy21 Help?

We support schools and local authorities in their support for disruptive and challenging learners across the country. Academy21 work directly with local alternative providers and PRU’s when young people may present too much risk to attend on site. We also support them throughout the year when capacity issues arise or where they have need of a particular subject specialism. For schools, we provide an alternative to exclusion that ensures pupils remain on roll and are able to follow a programme of study, designed to realise quality academic outcomes.

Academy21 supports turnaround provision within schools. This is where young people need a short-term alternative programme to support their re-engagement with learning and we provide an immediate provision to support fixed-term exclusions from school.

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Access from Anywhere

Learners can attend our lessons from school, home or other centre as long as there is a broadband connection and computer, and the environment is appropriate for the individual learner.

Flexible Timetabling

We work with our clients to deliver a tailored timetable for each challenging learner, to try and fit in with their existing school lessons or planned activities within an AP setting or PRU.

Behaviour Management

We use the full range of tools available to us through our classroom to manage challenging behaviour whilst continuously providing an opportunity for disruptive learners to access their learning and engage.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers have amassed many years of experience in working with challenging learners. We communicate with our clients from the outset to ensure strategies for learning and engagement are employed that recognise and respond to their individual need.

Continuity of Provision

Each lesson is supported by a library recording and activity to ensure that missed lessons do not create further gaps in learning.

Small Groups

Learning is delivered to a maximum group size of 15 and we have lessons across the day to ensure we place learners into the most appropriate groups to support their engagement.

Other Pupils We Support

Academy21 works with over 800 pupils each year supporting a diverse range of need. Below are just some of the reasons why schools, local education authorities and parents and carers of young people with an EHCP, refer pupils to Academy21.

Get in Touch!
Call 0800 208 8210 or email [email protected]

Please do contact us today to talk to our expert staff and discover whether Academy21 is appropriate for the young learners in your care. We will provide, clear and friendly advice and guidance with no expectations that you’ll proceed to a referral to us.